Centos8 with petalinux kernel

hi, unclear if this is the right place to post. we are trying to build centos8 using an existing petalinux build.
the target is zynq ultrascale. are there other groups working on this that we might reach out to with questions? thanks.

Hi Kenneth,

In ATLAS we are mainly still using CentOS7, because that is what will be used for Run 3 also on other online machines. There are a few people who have started using CentOS8.
What is it exactly that you would like to do? If you just want to run the petalinux kernel with a CentOS rootfs, then it should in principle not be any problem …


thanks for your reply.
centos7 or centos8, i dont think we care so much. although i thought centos7 end of life was
last year?

what we are interested in is the instructions how to run the kernel with centos. several people
have noted this should not be a problem. this is great, is there a site we can find good instructions?

we were also hoping for one or two contact names of groups that had done this as we are a bit
confused as to what can run under petalinux versus centos when the rootfs is centos. an expert
group would help us with additional questions.

thanks in advance for your help…kj

Hi Kenneth,

CentOS 7 is supported until JUN-2024. CentOS 8 is coming to its EOL in DEC-2021, and is currently being replaced by CentOS Stream 8, see e.g. HEPIX 2021 .

You can find instructions on how to build and boot with a CentOS rootfs here:
CentOSForZynqMP < SystemOnChip < TWiki and
https://gitlab.cern.ch/hardware/zynq/centos8-rootfs .

If you have more specific questions you can write to system-on-chip@cern.ch or try me. I will also invite a few other people to this Discourse post.

Hope it helps. Cheers,